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Conscious Evolutionary Agentry and Evolutionary Systemic Intervention


Co-intelligent activism naturally blends into conscious evolutionary agentry where the focus is on increasing the ability of human systems to make wise choices and take wise actions as they transform themselves.

Conscious evolutionary agents seek to use the life energy and situational dynamics they find in and around them -- including problems, possibilities, and crises -- to align the interests of the parts with the well-being and healthy evolution of the whole.

This is distinct from more usual forms of social change and humanitarian interventions, but is a natural evolution out of them. Below are articles and links exploring this unique approach to making the world a better (and better) place -- including such topics as evolutionary identity, evolutionary activism, evolutionary philanthropy, evolutionary systems change, and more.


The Evolutionary Worldview

Learning to Be Evolution

Becoming Evolution's Conscious Weavers

Learning from Our Evolutionary Past Into Our Evolutionary Future

The Evolutionary Role of Conversation

Evolution, Process, and Conversation: A Foundation for Conscious Evolutionary Agentry by Peggy Holman

Transformational leverage

Building a Wise Democracy as Crises Emerge

Democracy and the evolution of societal intelligence

Evolutionary Dynamics and Social Systems by Tom Atlee and Peggy Holman, published in the Integral Leadership Review

Consciousness takes us beyond avoidable force, waste, and risk

A Movement for the Conscious Evolution of Social Systems

Does Compassion Need to Evolve?

Feedback, Social Power, and the Evolution of Social Systems

The Evolutionary Role of Citizen Deliberation


Evolutionary Philanthropy Papers - Since the articles above address all forms of social-evolutionary intervention, they provide important perspective and options for evolutionary philanthropy. The ones below, however, apply particularly to philanthropy.

Crisis and Evolutionary Leverage in Philanthropy (doc)

An Evolutionary Funding Network

Reframing Wealth as an Evolutionary Calling

And see our page for the June 2006 Evolutionary Philanthropy Salon that includes the final report (pdf) and many documents (pdfs, docs, urls, etc.) contributed by participants including Tom Atlee, Peggy Holman, Duane Elgin, and others

See also

Conscious Evolution



Reflections on Evolutionary Activism

Essays, Poems and Prayers from an Emerging Field of Sacred Social Change

Tom Atlee offers a fresh, and penetrating perspective — connecting our understanding of evolution, consciousness, and activism into a new and compelling synthesis for making a difference in today's challenged world. —Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, The World Café

An inspiring manifesto, a handbook, a gift of love and truth like no other. —Robert Steele, #1 Amazon non-fiction reviewer

Evolution, the most ancient, complex and self-organized of all change processes, has been going on for 13.7 billion years. We are now part of that process becoming conscious. Inspired by the Great Story of evolution and our role in it, and guided by our increasing understanding of evolutionary dynamics, we can co-create wiser social systems, cultures, consciousness, and technologies. Much of the material on this site is part of this co-creative adventure.

To buy Reflections on Evolutionary Activism, 360 pages for $15, click here. To download a free PDF of the complete book, click here.

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