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Co-Intelligence-Related Articles


Below is a selection of articles --both by Tom Atlee and others -- through which you can explore a number of aspects of co-intelligence. There is currently a predominance of articles about democracy and conscious evolution, as these are the current foci of the Co-Intelligence Institute.


Articles by Tom Atlee

How to Make a Decision Without Making a Decision

Deep Democracy and Community Wisdom

Empowered Dialogue Can Bring Wisdom to Democracy

Democracy and the Evolution of Societal Intelligence

Learning to be evolution

Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake

A Personally Transformational Encounter of Left and Right

Resonant Intelligence and the Core Commons

A Co-intelligent Social Change Agenda

Learning from Our Evolutionary Past Into Our Evolutionary Future

Some Ways We Can Be Wise

Lies, and our odd relationship with truth

Diversity is as big as the universe

Not All Differences Are the Same

Crisis Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities


Articles by others

John S. Atlee - Democracy: A Social Power Analysis (with Tom Atlee)

Frances Moore Lappé and Paul Du Bois - Living Democracy (with Tom Atlee)

Robert W. Fuller - What is Rankism and Why Do We "Do" It?

Carmen Sirianni and Lewis Friedland - Deliberative Democracy

John Gastil - Is Face-to-Face Citizen Deliberation a Luxury or a Necessity for Democracy?

Rosa Zubizarreta - Deepening Democracy: Awakening the Spirit of Our Shared Life Together

Tali Mendleberg - The Deliberative Citizen: Theory and Evidence

Carolyn Hendriks - Deliberative Citizens' Forums and Interest Groups: Roles, Tensions and Incentives

Maria B. Pellerano and Peter Montague - Democracy and the Precautionary Principle

OECD - Engaging Citizens in Policy-making

Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright - Experiments in Empowered Deliberative Democracy -

Richard E. Sclove - Town Meetings on Technology and Democratic Politics of Technology

Michel Pimbert and Tom Wakeford - Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment

Tim Holmes and Ian Scoones - Participatory Environmental Policy Processes: Experiences from North and South

Lyn Carson and Katharine Gelber - Ideas for Community Consultation

Alliance for Regional Stewardship - Empowering Regions: Strategies and Tools for Community Decision Making"

Donald Michael - Observations Regarding a Missing Elephant (also comments by Paul H. Ray and Tom Atlee)


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