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How you can be involved with the co-intelligence work


First, LEARN. Learn about co-intelligence. You can begin by exploring this site and the resources it refers to. You can purchase, read and share The Tao of Democracy by Tom Atlee and discuss it with your friends and family. Learn to recognize where co-intelligence flourishes and where it is hindered. Learn how you can help it flourish. Study the wise democracy pattern language. Learn how to recognize and deal with co-stupidity -- the co-creation of unwanted conditions. Subscribe to the CII's free email bulletins or visit (and subscribe to) Tom Atlee's blog "Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge",

Second, PRACTICE. Spread the word to your friends and associates. Co-intelligence and co-stupidity are things we all exercise together. It is much easier to practice co-intelligence with others who share this perspective. With practice, you will become increasingly able to generate co-intelligence even in situations where no one else has heard of it, and where a lot of co-stupidity is going on. If you want to just get a feel for it, try things like Listening Circles with your friends and family. You can also practice with the GroupWorksDeck pattern language for great group process.

Third, APPLY IT IN LIFE. Use co-intelligence in your life and work. Listen well to your family, friends and colleagues. Start dialogue circles at work, in your groups, at your church, temple or mosque. For deeper explorations of how to apply co-intelligence in your life, see Using Co-Intelligence in Our Own Lives, Five Fields of Co-intelligence. and Engaged Co-Intelligence

Fourth, ACT FOR CHANGE. Do your part in the world to co-create a culture where co-intelligence can easily thrive for the benefit of all. This may include community organizing, political action, socially responsible jobs or investments, creating co-intelligent conferences, storytelling, philosophy, organizational development, research into co-intelligence, and any number of other activities done with a co-intelligent spirit and intention. Whatever you do (and don't do) is your co-creative role in what happens next. None of us is only a spectator. The more mindful more of us are of the many roles we are playing, the better outcomes we can expect. See Things to do to make a difference with co-intelligence for specific things you can do to help create a co-intelligent wise democracy. Ask your library and local bookstores to carry The Tao of Democracy and start discussion groups about it. Support powerful democratic innovations the Co-Intelligence Institute recommends in articles like A Call to Move Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment , The Innovations in Democracy Draft Platform and especially Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake. Start a citizens Wisdom Council or other citizen dialogues in your community.

Fifth, CONTRIBUTE. Support our work. Write to us. Send us a fully tax-deductible donation. We are a 501[c]3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID # 94-3247254), and we depend on the support of people like you in order to keep researching, creating inspiring and useful ideas, networking people together, and catalyzing positive transformational activity. Your help really makes a difference.

Sixth, VOLUNTEER. If you'd like to volunteer or do a volunteer internship, let us know. We do not currently have paid internships, but you may be able to help -- and to learn a lot while you do.

For more extensive explorations of how you can use and get involved with co-intelligence see:

Using Co-Intelligence In Our Own Lives
Five Fields of Co-intelligence


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