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Special Links: Windows into the Worlds of Co-Intelligence


There are hundreds of specialized links distributed throughout this site on pages about various topics. The links listed on this page, however, will take you to particularly rich sources of multi-approach co-intelligence information and/or links to other sites and practitioners. Each of these sites is a window on hundreds of others.


Urban Research Program Toolbox - The most comprehensive (although far from complete) list of group processes and community involvement tools we've found on the Web, with additional links for each one.

Civic Practices Network - High quality resources for civic renewal.

Center for Group Learning - A rich set of resources and links about collective process, self-organization, organizational development, complexity science and more.

Co-Intelligence Institute - Ideas and resources on group process, democracy, holism and the co-creation of a wiser civilization.

Collective Wisdom Initiative - Research about the co-generation of collective wisdom, with links to great practitioners and thought leaders.

Innovations in Democracy Project -  Annotated links to over a hundred innovations for a wiser democracy.

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation - The center for dialogue and deliberation professionals and a resource treasure.

Tony Judge's Master List of articles, books and websites about dialogue.

Tree Bressen's Info and links - High quality resources for participatory decision-making.


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Multiple-Approach Studies and Method Compilations


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