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Leadership and Co-intelligence

Anything that directs our thoughts, feelings, orientation or behavior -- from visionaries to laws to highways -- can be thought of as leading us. All such things play a leadership role in our lives.

Co-intelligent leadership involves anything that enhances a system's ability to lead -- and evolve -- itself. That system could be an individual, a group, a community, a society, a garden -- any living system.

Co-intelligent leadership comes in at least five styles -- participatory, facilitative, evocative, provocative, and directive. Leadership fields are fields of shared responsibility and influence generated by a system to direct itself. Leadership fields can be observed in groups and whole cultures. Eldership is co-intelligent leadership that increases the co-intelligence of a system's leadership field. It builds the self-organizing capacity of living systems.

The holistic nature of the co-intelligence perspective leads us to understand leadership that includes and goes beyond leadership that is exercised by individual leaders. So we realize that the structures and patterns of life lead us, as do the agreements we make with others. Novelty and creativity also lead us -- in surprising directions. Individual leaders can use these elements of leadership -- and the systems we create can embody them. Part of eldership is helping systems embody the patterns, agreements and creativity needed to self-organize.

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