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The Co-Intelligence Institute Board of Directors

TOM ATLEE founded the Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) in 1996 to provide an organizational means to manifest ideas and possibilities he had been researching since the Great Peace March in 1986, as represented by the articles on this website. An avid writer, activist and community volunteer since the late 1950s, Tom has been involved in many citizens groups and publications, particularly around peace, democracy, and public participation. He has served on several nonprofit boards and has consulted internationally. His book The Tao of Democracy has sold several thousand copies in more than a dozen countries and his articles have been published in dozens of alternative journals. The websites he has built are visited by thousands of visitors every month. He specializes in creating inspiring, useful ideas and resources and helping change agents think strategically about transforming social systems. He lives in a co-op house in Eugene, OR, with a changing population of about ten friendly people, several dogs and cats, a flock of chickens, many plants, and thousands of books. He is motivated by a vision of a civilzation capable of sustainable functioning, conscious evolution, and tremendous meaning, joy and quality of life. For further biographical and bibliographical information on Tom and his ideas, click here




ADIN ROGOVIN has 30 years varied experience as a corporate manager including 10 years as Chief Financial Officer. He has 17 years service on non-profit Boards and Staff including, The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, Seven Generations Land Trust, Lost Valley Educational Center, Parker Street Coop, The Natural Heritage Institute, The Eugene Children's Peace Academy, The Center for Wise Democratic Processes, Climate Neutral Network, and The Co-Intelligence Institute. Adin's passion is promoting wise collective process and transforming democracy and civic governance through developing, teaching, and implementing citizen deliberative councils and integrated process design. He is co founder of the Eugene Facilitator's Collective, and is a trained Dynamic Facilitator who has worked with The Blue Mountain School, Alpha Farm Community, The Veterans for Peace, Trillium Hollow Cohousing, The New Orleans Community Congress II, and the Pleasantville, NY Great Oak Council. Adin organized The Lane County Low Income People's Wisdom Council and the Walnut Street Coop, a coop house in Eugene.






HEATHER TISCHBEIN of Grand Junction, CO, brings to CII three decades of citizen activism and experience working with non-profit organizations in both staff and board roles. Her youthful passion for working on behalf of the well-being of children has evolved over the years to a broader focus on the well-being of human communities and the eco-systems that support all of life on Planet Earth. Heather currently serves as executive director of the Western Colorado Congress, an alliance for community action dedicated to empowering people to protect and enhance their quality of life in western Colorado. Prior to moving to Grand Junction, Heather lived in Vancouver, WA, where she worked in various capacities for the Vancouver and Battle Ground School districts while raising her three boys. She also served as executive director and board chair of the Cold Spring Conservancy, a biodiversity reserve located in the Columbia Gorge and then as interim director of the Climate Neutral Network. Heather was certified as a mediator with Community Mediation Services of Vancouver-Clark County, Washington, where she also served on the Advisory Panel of the Make Democracy Work project of the Ft. Vancouver Regional Library, the city of Vancouver’s Green Ribbon Panel (sustainability taskforce) and was vice-chair of the Clark County Food System Council.




JOHN ABBE of Eugene, Oregon, has been an informal process artist since the age of 20, when he fell into a true community for the first time, took some risks and was amazed at the resulting flowering of trust. In the 1990s he volunteered briefly at the Institute for the Arts of Democracy then joined the Center for Group Learning in Oakland, learning a little about T Groups, Tavistock, organization development & Process Work; and a lot about facilitation and group dynamics as the group watched and consciously engaged in its own process. For more than five years he has shared Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the United States, Sri Lanka and India, and supported the NVC network, both informally and as a member of the NVC USA Project. As a computer geek he has played a significant role in organizing the RecentChangesCamp series of events, and recently joined Grass Commons as a software designer and cultural & technical support person. He is currently co-developing a wiki on process (using Grass Commons' Wagn software) and writing a book on the role of process arts in the culture shift from power-over to power-with ways of seeing, being and doing.




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