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Oct. thru Dec. 1998 "What's New" Archive

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December 28, 1998

The following items have been moved out of the holding tank and integrated into the site. The holding tank feature will no longer be used and new material will be added to the site once or twice a week.

One company's real life Y2K problems
Free Y2K Grass Roots Action Plan
Neal Peirce Washington Post Column (2)
LaChapelle: long term cycle research
Fuel supply
Story -Running Together
Community contingency planning -Atlanta
Kauai Mayor Takes Public Stand on Y2K
Input to U.S. FEMA survey
Community Prep Page
Poem "y2k Minutes"
Contingency audits -PA
Gore PR on Y2k Action Week
God & y2k /joke
Threat of 100GB Bug /joke
Roar of silence
Questions for Meeting with Officials
Yourdon Home Prep website & video
Best Practices
"Dieoff" data website
Corporate Pledges of Cooperation -UK and NZ
Vertical Horticulture, other sustainability items
Neighborhood plans as a Town [a model]
Daily summaries of Y2K News /website
Article reference "Y2K Hysteria"
Marin Co. Grand Jury report link


November 8, 1998

Y2K Questions for Politicians and Government Officials revised for post-election use.

November 6, 1998

The Y2K Environmental Movement is Expanding by Tom Atlee, et al
Eight ways to deal with Y2K, once the chips are down by Tom Atlee
The Year 2000 Problem and Sustainability by Tom Atlee, et al
Y2K Sustainability Resources, compiled by Tom Atlee, et al
BAY2 K * D I A L O G U E * M E E T I N G * WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 11 to talk about many significant aspects of the Y2K situation

October 20, 1998

Upstream, Upwind, Upland -- Cynthia Beal's response to Jim Lord's essay "Y2K and Environmentalism." Beal appeals to environmentalists and toxics professionals to work together.

October 15, 1998

Y2K Questions for Campaigning Politicians and Elected Government Officials

October 12, 1998

Federal Y2K Action Week October 19-23 - focus on Small Business
BAY2 K D I A L O G U E M E E T I N G WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 14 to talk about many significant aspects of the Y2K situation
The Millennium Salon's incredible "tools you can use" section (**URL CORRECTED 10/13**)


October 3, 1998


Satellite Broadcast
"Local Government and the Year 2000 Bug"
October 7, 1-3 P.M. (EST) (spread the word!)

Y2K Presentation on October 7, 1998, 7 pm at the Presidio in San Francisco

Y2K expert Terry Easton

All Together Now: The "Y2K Neighborhood" takes on the "Millennium Computer Bomb" by Larry Shook. Whereas the now-famous Petersen/Wheatley/Rogers piece "paints the whole picture" of Y2K, Shook's article speaks straight to the reader's heart. These two pieces are a powerful combination.
A United Methodist Perspective on Y2K by Ezra Earl Jones
BAY2K - SF Bay Area Year 2000 Community Forum
Media, The Millennium Bug & The Stories We Tell by Larry Shook
Santa Cruz County's Y2K Community Planning Document
A Y2K Guerilla Art Project
Jim Lord's Y2K Challenge to the Environmental Movement
Robert Theobald's website on community resilience.
The Transformational Dance Between Communities and Y2K by Tom Atlee