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Together we can be wiser than any of us can be alone.
We need to know how to tap that wisdom.

Healthy communities, institutions and societies -- perhaps even our collective survival -- depend on our ability to organize our collective affairs more wisely, in tune with each other and nature.

This ability to wisely organize our lives together -- all of us being wiser together than any of us could be alone -- we call co-intelligence. Co-intelligence is diverse people working really well together in ways that make things better from a bigger picture perspective - especially in the face of challenge and change.

In its broadest sense, co-intelligence involves accessing the wisdom of the whole on behalf of the whole.

Co-intelligence is emerging through new developments in democracy, organizational development, collaborative processes, the Internet and systems sciences like ecology and complexity. Today millions of people are involved in co-creating co-intelligence. Our diverse efforts grow more effective as we discover we are part of a larger evolutionary enterprise, and as we learn together and from each other.

The Co-Intelligence Institute works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence. It focuses on catalyzing co-intelligence in the realms of politics, governance, economics and conscious evolution of ourselves and our social systems. We research, network, advocate, and help organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in order to weave what is possible into new, wiser forms of civilization.

This site includes hundreds of articles and references describing proven methods, innovative models, practical visions and the theoretical frameworks that weave them all together. It has rightly been called a treasure-trove. Welcome to its resources. You can get a good overview on our FAQ and Topics pages.

Thank you for whatever you may be doing to make groups, organizations, communities and whole cultures more effective, vibrant, sustainable and wise. We expect our work to empower yours. We welcome your support.


Empowering Public Wisdom - A Practical Vision of Citizen-Led Politics

Tom Atlee shows us how we can harness our collective wisdom to discern the way forward in these complex and challenging times.  Inspiring and highly recommended! — William Ury, co-author, GETTING TO YES and author, THE THIRD SIDE

This book suggests new forms that can embed a wise public voice in real-world democratic governance ­ a wise and important development for the democracy movement. — Hawaii State Senator Les Ihara, Jr., Senate Majority Policy Leader

In this book you will find how diverse citizens can generate a coherent, shared “voice of the people,” infusing the political process with wise common sense by learning about, reflecting on, and discussing what needs to be considered to produce long-term, inclusive benefits. Doing this together moves us beyond partisanship to a place of collective responsibility for our shared destiny.

To buy Empowering Public isdom, 280 pages for $14.95, click here. To learn more about it, click here.


The Tao of Democracy

Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World that Works for All

by Tom Atlee

Here-and-now practices showing what's possible in our immediate future. An important gift for our small, challenged planet! -- Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet, co-author of Hope's Edge

About the most important thing that's happening at the beginning of the twenty-first century. -- Paul H. Ray, Ph.D, co-author of The Cultural Creatives

FIVE STARS: A basic book for humanity. -- Robert D. Steele, Top 100 Reviewer at

Much of the key material on this website -- and more -- is contained in these 334 pages. To find out more about The Tao of Democracy, click here. To order it now, click here.


Participatory Sustainability

Notes for an Emerging Field of Civilizational Engagement

by Tom Atlee

Participatory Sustainability introduces the idea that sustainability cannot be achieved merely through top-down government policy or economic activity. Sustainability requires the participation of all people and all parts of society, working with each other and with nature. The book provides dozens of approaches for doing this, including guidance for generating collective wisdom, participatory leadership, inclusive participatory forms of power, and six expanded dimensions of intelligence we can use together to address the depth and complexity of the challenges we face. Recognition of the intrinsic participatory nature of both sustainability (co-creating a good life for our grandchildren) and non-sustainability (co-creating disaster) provides both motivation and direction for making a better world, starting immediately.

Feb 2017 • 92 pages • $8.50 paperback • $3.50 Kindle

To order it now, click here.



Reflections on Evolutionary Activism

Essays, Poems and Prayers from an Emerging Field of Sacred Social Change

Tom Atlee offers a fresh, and penetrating perspective — connecting our understanding of evolution, consciousness, and activism into a new and compelling synthesis for making a difference in today's challenged world. —Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, The World Café

An inspiring manifesto, a handbook, a gift of love and truth like no other. —Robert Steele, #1 Amazon non-fiction reviewer

Evolution, the most ancient, complex and self-organized of all change processes, has been going on for 13.7 billion years. We are now part of that process becoming conscious. Inspired by the Great Story of evolution and our role in it, and guided by our increasing understanding of evolutionary dynamics, we can co-create wiser social systems, cultures, consciousness, and technologies. Much of the material on this site is part of this co-creative adventure.

To buy Reflections on Evolutionary Activism, 360 pages for $15, click here. To download a free PDF of the complete book, click here.


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