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September 1998 "What's New" Archive

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September 27

Many revisions to the links page. Among the important revisions:

An interesting Sufi prophecy and a fitting poem by Sufi poet Rumi
Re-established broken links to Clinton and Gore mid-July speeches. Added how to order a video of Bennett's July 15, 1998 speech.
How to push for Utilities' Y2K readiness - a guide for citizens and officials
Call 1 (800) 2000 BUG for free, written, basic information on Y2K.
Y2KO:  the Year 2000 Computer Crash -- Knock Out for Industrial Society Or Merely a Global Depression? by Mark Robinowitz
A page of links to the Y2K Environmental/Sustainability materials of this site
Doug Carmichael's insightful, free Y2K weekly news-and-thinkletter available by email.

September 18

Is Heaven Y2K Compliant? a Rosh Hashanah commentary Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement

September 15

Why the Year 2000 Problem is an Environmental Issue

September 8

Sustainability, Y2K, and the New World Order by Thomas Greco
Y2K and the Multilateral Agreement on Investments
Resources for small businesses
Preparedness plans for counties and cities
Wholeness, explicit and implicit
Andrew Tobias on Y2K
Eight Steps to U.S. Y2K Food Security: An Open Letter to President Clinton by Carla Emery
Wild2K, an excellent general-Y2K-from-a-transformational-perspective site

Significant revisions in
the introduction toWhat can I do about Y2K?
the Y2K-breakthrough home page


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