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August 1998 "What's New" Archive

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August 17

Tampa Bay Y2K and Los Angeles Y2K
American News Service News Alert re 500 Days Event
A Year 2000 Better World Celebration: The first global gathering of millennial organizers (not directly related to Y2K-breakthrough but could be)
New book: AWAKENING: The Upside of Y2K - 182 pages, $10.
A listserv on the particular Y2K issues of institutions of higher education
Nancy Schimmel's thoughts on grocery stores
New beginning to Y2K Breakthrough Issues
Short discussion of self-interest vs. community interest
Karen Nyhus' Y2K Letter to Pacifica Radio (including her annotated Y2K website links)
Get the AARP involved in Y2K
"Countdown to Tomorrow" -- a free video aimed at businesses
Additions to Is It Real = new quotes and a link to additional Y2K incidents.
Ed Yourdon's response to President Clinton's mid-July Y2K speech
Model cover letters to send to government officials by Roleigh Martin
An Open Letter to State Legislators (and other politicians) by Victor Porlier

August 12

Y2K and Our Big Bet by Larry Shook (including urban agriculture references and a powerful presentation of the possibilities for decentralizing energy and agriculture in the next year and half).
The Life and Death Clarity of Y2K by Laura-Lea Cannon
Thoughts about Community Preparedness Plans, Requirements, and Self-organization by Doug Carmichael, Harlan Smith, Ian Wells and Tom Atlee
Y2K Awareness Days and Holidays
How to get a Mayor's or Governor's Proclamation about Y2K

Why Your Organization Should Educate People about Y2K
Why Are Year/2000 Projects so Difficult and Risky by Ed Yourdon
Additions to Global Y2K Awareness Day AUG 19
Additions to Local Government Y2K Resources
Among the new links this week are vendor compliance data at; global Y2K data at Global Millennium Foundation's site; a community site for Ottawa, Canada; Alan Lewis humorous, informative site; the zippy, ambitious Wild2K; and, perhaps most significantly, the Citizens for Y2K Recovery and their nascent Y2K Community Network.

August 4

Sample notices to engage others in local Y2K community activities
Y2K Events, Conferences, etc.
Significant changes in the Y2K site's opening page


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