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July 1998 "What's New" Archive

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July 29

Y2K resources for local governments - a guide to the major materials on (or referred to by) this site, which would interest local officials, politicians and community activists.
Y2K technology issues
Finding each other in hard times by Cynthia Beal
Corrected the important National Association of Counties Year 2000 web site URL.

July 28 #2

Robert Theobald's Exploration of Resilience Project
Y2K Karuna (compassion) by Karuna Thal
The Real Year 2000 Crisis by Michael Maynard
The Hidden Side(s) of Y2K and Y2K v. 2: Time for Triage by Jim Seymour of PC Magazine
Y2K thoughts about fear, despair and the dark night of the soul

July 28

Your unique role in addressing Y2K
The Challenge of Nurturing Self-Organized Y2K Responses by Tom Atlee
A few things to remember as you organize, by Cynthia Beal, Harlan Smith, and others
Dealing With The Year 2000 Problem: The International Compliant Community Initiative by Steve Davis
What Local Government Should be Doing about the Year 2000 Problem by Steve Davis
National Civic Associations' Y2K Programs
Community Preparedness: Phase One by Larry Victor
The Dream of a Technical Fix for Y2K
A Big Grocer's Y2K Nightmare
Global Y2K Awareness Day AUG 19 - 500 DAYS LEFT!
Southern Oregon Y2K Summit Aug 6, Medford
Y2K Contingency Planning Notes
The social/environmental implications of Y2K by David La Chapelle

Major additions to the Y2K web links page, especially to the community groups and sustainability sections.
Removed items from the Other approaches to Y2K/breakthrough activities page and organized them into a new page: Y2K Community Action, Preparedness and Resilience, to which was added a number of the items above

July 20

Info Tech Assn of America Y2K testimony to Congress 5/7/98
Additions to What are some other ways to approach Y2K/breakthrough activities? (taken from this update list)
All (I hope) email addresses were activated as links
Is this Y2K problem for real? (see Y2K Articles page for description)

July 18

Protecting Ithaca from Computer Chaos by Paul Glover
Rev. Dacia Reid's Y2K site - including her Y2K sermon and letter to VP Gore
Living Wall Gardens describes a vertical container gardening system
Mid-July speeches by Clinton, Gore and Senator Bennett.
A survey of experts about how serious the Y2K problem is at
Y2K Breakdowns Which Have Already Happened
Significant Y2K Quotes
What Churches and Temples Can Do
Gilligan Meets Y2K, a clear Y2K summation, to the Gilligan's Island theme song
A section on collaborative intelligence in "What Does Y2K have to do with co-intelligence?"

Significant revisions of
The Y2K Political Action Project including specific things to do now and how to do them
Lots of links activated in How to Think about Y2K and "Rachel's Environmental & Health Weekly"

July 12

"Rachel's Environmental & Health Weekly" Y2K Summary, Part 2
Corrected link to Empowerment Resources -- one of my favorite resource sites

July 7

Significant revisions of
The Y2K Political Action Project, moving much of it to Page 2 and replacing that material with Mapping out a creative political perspective for Y2K now
What can I do about Y2K? introductory remarks, to clarify the diverse realms of action

July 4

Two realms of Y2K action for Summer 1998
The Year 2000 bug and its social effects by Paul Ray
Tom Atlee's Y2K old articles archive Y2K Action Proposals by Douglass Carmichael
Y2K-breakthrough issues by Douglass Carmichael
Routine that became a meltdown by Sue Ashton Davies

Significant revisions of
More on the Year 2000 Problem
The Year 2000: Who will do what and when will they do it? by Douglass Carmichael.
What Y2K-breakthrough activities might we engage in? (mostly adding information about the role of governments)

July 2

Y2K Projects: Things we'd like to see done about Y2K
The Y2K Political Action Project (urgent)
The Cultural Creatives Y2K Outreach Project

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