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June 1998 "What's New" Archive

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June 30

How to Think about Y2K: For those who realize it is going to be a pretty big deal and who've always wanted a better world
A call for a progressive Y2K agenda
Psychological stages people go through regarding Y2K
Personal Y2K preparedness links
Community-Building Organizations
Website links about community and sustainability.
Important Y2K articles (an annotated listing)
Significant revisions of
The Co-Intelligence Institute home page (simplification and moving much of its content to new pages, so it is easier to look at and work with, and so it downloads quicker)
The Y2K home page

June 28

The Small Business-Owners Year 2000 Readiness Checklist
Major revisions of
Y2K-breakthrough Home Page (the introductory essay has moved to its own page)

June 26

An accessible, funny, powerful site: Y2K for women only!
"Rachel's Environmental & Health Weekly" Y2K Summary
Visionary fiction to inspire Y2K-breakthrough work

June 23

The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation by John L. Petersen, Margaret Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rogers
Y2K site welcome page
Other activities the Co-Intelligence Institute would like to do
Personal Preparedness and Obligations - by Rick Cowles
Major revisions of
Y2K-breakthrough introductory essay
Co-intelligence Institute home page introduction

June 21

What sort of spiritual and emotional challenges does Y2K present?
Understanding and dealing with the personal disturbances triggered by the Y2K issue
Co-Intelligence Quotes
Major revisions of
Why tie Y2K to Positive Breakthroughs?
Using the Y2K challenge for individual and collective psychospiritual growth

June 20

Co-intelligence-related bibliography expanded and annotated
Bioregional mapping
Addition to "What can I do about Y2K?"
Y2K Listservs, on-line discussions and Q&A Salons
Y2K articles by community futurist Robert Theobald
Nancy Schimmel's Y2K Children's Sunflower Project and Song
More community-preparedness projects underway
Scott Anderson, M.D.'s Y2K summary: "The Global Y2K Crisis/Opportunity"
Ian Wells' "Y2K Community Preparedness is like a Moon Shot"

June 16

A poem about living with uncertainty at the leading edge
Activities of the Co-Intelligence Institute
Co-intelligence books and publications
Collective intelligence is only one-fifth of co-intelligence
Co-intelligent moral sensibilities - compared to relativism and fundamentalism
Other approaches to co-intelligence
Tom Atlee: a brief autobiography

June 8

One estimate of Y2K impact on a community
Fear and Empowerment Work
Y2K: What's being done -- and could be done -- in communities?
Y2K Web Site Links

June 6

Why Community-Based Responses to Y2K Make More Sense than Survivalism

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