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January 1999 "What's New" Archive

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January 29

A Millennium Christmas Carol by Larry Shook (I can't believe I haven't posted this before now!)
How to read between the lines of Y2K readiness reports
New information on Y2K Around the Bay - SF Bay Area Conference - February 6-7, 1999
Terminator Seeds: the end of the line is in sight by Bob Mueller

January 27

Larry Shook's addition to "Y2K and the Food Supply" (plus the list of co-authors)
Y2K paternalism, democracy and responsible openness and some additional links on The Co-Intelligence Dimension of Y2K
A Hopi Message for These Times

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has an excellent overview of Y2K and people's responses to it, including the transformational response (which we share).

Co-Intelligence Institute Y2K Job Opportunity

Y2K Media Issues page including

A Dialogue about Y2K and the Media - with Tom Atlee and others: a rich compendium of thoughts, stories and suggestions
A Dialogue about a Y2K Media conference? - with Tom Atlee and others
Y2K paternalism, democracy and responsible openness - by Tom Atlee
Media & Y2K community - the wake-up connection - by Alan Jones

January 25

Y2K Around the Bay - SF Bay Area Conference - February 6-7, 1999

A new page: Y2K Food Situation & Recommendations including these new articles and documents:

USDA Food Risk Statement
Y2K and the Food Supply: A Message from Concerned American Farmers: "Prepare"
Farmers Preparing for the Year 2000 by Mark Musick
Food Primers: "Feeding the Village First" & "Let's Stop 'Feeding the World'" by Frederick Kirschenmann


January 21

The excellent 120 page Utne Reader Y2K Citizens Action Guide is available on line free or in a lovely orange booklet for purchase ($4.95 each at bookstores or 50 copies for $57.50 ppd. from Utne)

How Y2K Problem Impacts Children by William Ulrich
Y2K Psychological Preparedness Websites
The Big Picture by Michael Dowd
The Hidden Code of Y2K by Robert Roskind
Another version of the Lord's Prayer translated by Mark Hathaway
Zen Stories for Y2K


January 20

Antidote to Time Magazine Article
Soliciting Lo-Tech, Home-made Style Ideas for Self-Sustainability

January 17

Two Dynamics of Wholeness
The Amazing Grace of Y2K by Margaret Wheatley


January 15

Some of the Big Questions about Y2K and Life by Tom Atlee
Raising the Quality of Dialogue about Y2K by Tom Atlee
A Shift in the Collective Consciousness? from Margo Stebbing

Ultimately, Y2K is about Life by Tom Atlee
Stay together, Friends by Rumi


January 12

Y2K-Breakthrough Section alphabetical index Please use this as an additional tool in getting around the Breakthrough Section. It is not intended to be a complete list of all site contents. Rather, it is an index of most of the Y2K Breakthrough articles located on this site. There are also many valuable links throughout the Breakthrough section that are not indexed on this page. You can use this page and the FIND feature of your browser to search for keywords that might appear in the artitcle titles.


January 6

Ian Hugo, Assistant Director of British Y2K group TASKFORCE 2000, has believes 10 percent of all failures have already happened; 60 percent of failures will occur in1999; and only 30 percent will occur in 2000. Computingnet News

Best Case Scenario by Stefan Stackhouse. A sobering picture of global economic and political disruptions.

Y2K Practice Day

January 4

Book blurb for "From Chaos to Coherence: Advancing Emotional and Organizational Intelligence Through Inner Quality Management."

January 3

Extensive revisions and additions to Food for (new) thought from Barbara Coffman


January 2

Community Issues: A report on the Center for Year 2000 Community Action Plans' D.C. roundtable and a response from the Cassandra Project.
The President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion
Rock Removal: inspirational story
Y2K Food Supply Prospects
Advocates of four digit dates in 1960

January 1, 1999

Revision of the Y2K Breakthrough home page
Revision of Bay2K page to reflect limited Jan 1999 schedule
Y2K Community Radio Project Proposal by Tom Atlee
Revisions of the Y2K Projects Page

A new section of the site: Where is the Juice in Y2K?, including the following items:

The Initial "Where's the Juice?" Inquiry by Tom Atlee

Food for (new) thought from Barbara Coffman
Y2K/Environmental Resonance from Ruth Rosenhek
"Stock up on Love" from Annie
Something in the Wind from Susan Teton Campbell
Service Grounded in Spirit from Paul Andrews


The Life and Death Clarity of Y2K by Laura-Lea Cannon
Putting the Pieces Together Again by Barbara Shipka
Y2K Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities by Tom Atlee
In-Between Time by Fran Peavey
Living at the End of Time by Gail Warner


Also a second new section about The Co-Intelligence Dimension of Y2K, including

Scope of Co-Intelligence Y2K efforts by Tom Atlee
Y2K Public Participation Proposal by Tom Atlee
A Y2K Call to Our Culture's Storytellers by Meg Wheatley, Myron Kellnor-Rogers, and Tom Atlee