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November 9, 2000

Beyond positions: a politics of civic co-creativity by Tom Atlee. A commentary on the 2000 Presidential elections, noting that "Taking positions prevents us from moving towards each other, and with each other, to find options that better meet the needs of all involved, including the needs of the communities and societies in which we live."

"Redesigning Human and Global Systems" by Saul Eisen. Eisen was thinking about "Integrated Human Systems" a decade before I was, and his vision here was well articulated a year before I wrote my fictional version. (Since it has become real, I've now put Eisen's article with my visionary description and linked them to major parts of my site.)

Revisions of Pat & Pat, a view from 2020 (fiction by Tom Atlee) a futuristic, down-home story about a new, co-intelligent politics. It tells how Patrick and Patricia McFallow become co-mayors of Story City, Iowa, in 2016. During their four-year mayorship they engage thousands of citizens in powerful, empowering conversations about what they want their community to be like and how they can change it. Of course, the community starts changing, brilliantly and fast.


November 7

Gestures of Conversational Presence by Rosa Zubizarreta and Michael Bridge

Provided a link to the National Civic League http://www.ncl.org/ with lots of good community-building information.

Added a link to the Center for Visionary Leadership's interesting site on spirituality and politics http://www.visionarylead.org/spiritualityandpolitics.htm which features explorations of how to apply spiritual principles to social problems and citizenship, and includes a nascent effort to organize spiritually-oriented voters.

Corrected Wisdom Council and dynamic facilitation innovator Jim Rough's email <jim@ToBe.net> and website URL <http://www.ToBe.net/> on a number of pages.

Added some great new resources to the Scenario and Visioning Work page, thanks to The Arlington Institute

Added links to two teledemocracy sites that explore how telecommunications can enhance democracy -- http://www.auburn.edu/tann/tann2/masthead.html and http://www.e-democracy.org/do . The latter offers a great free "Democracies Online Newswire" you can subscribe to by emailing: listserv@tc.umn.edu with the message body: SUB DO-WIRE .

Added an article about a teledemocracy experiment in a small town: E-Democracy Thrives in Winona, Minnesota.

Added Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz's fascinating "inquiry map" associated with their current Awakening Technology inquiry: "How do we practice our wisdom together in cyberspace"?

Added a link to download the full text of Manitonquat's full book "Ending Violent Crime" (see Co-intelligent Prison Work for excerpts)


October 20

The Search for a More Deeply Alive, Effective Activism and Activism and the New Science: Some Lessons for Action in a Nonlinear World

DIALOGUE: A Proposal by David Bohm, Donald Factor, and Peter Garrett - the 1991 pamphlet that started the dialogue movement

The Bohm Dialogue Group of Eugene - a great collection of resources on dialogue.

Revisions of Tom Atlee's brief autobiography, including a recent picture of Tom and many new links.

Added the concepts of innergy and membergy to the discussion of holescence on the Four Dynamics of Wholeness page

A link to The Natural Step which describes basic principles of sustainability.

Correction of the address in How you can be involved in the co-intelligence work.


October 7

Principles of Public Participation - Lists of guidelines from The International Association for Public Participation, The Community Development Society and the Co-Intelligence Institute.

A great list of articles and websites on "Civilian Based Defense" on "The Memory Hole" site.

Notes on Human Diversity

Resources added to the Nonviolence page.


September 21

Making a Habitat where Everything Fits (a permaculture story that was on the website already, but hadn't been linked to the homepage -- So now it's available.)

The World's Most Unusual Workplace?

My friend Ken Lebensold's co-intelligent new moral vision.

Corrected COWORKING link http://www.coworking.com/

Still new translations of the Lord's Prayer from the Aramaic

Food Primers: "Feeding the Village First" & "Let's Stop 'Feeding the World'"

A closer look at societal co-stupidity

Many sustainability articles and links from this site and others have been compiled into one Sustainability Resources page.


September 20

Eight new process pages:

The Fall 2000 Metaphor Project Workshop schedule.

We did major reorganization, revision and additions to the Possible Co-Intelligence Institute
Activities / Departments / Staff list
and the Co-Intelligence Institute's bibliography.

Consensual Democracy is a grassroots way to renew, revive and sustain local community. It focuses on achieving results based on the shared visions, values and goals of local citizens.

The Blind Men and the Elephant story - 2 versions

A Laboratory in Democracy: Revisiting the Great Peace March by Steve Brigham.

Who's Counting: Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies, and Global Economics -- a very moving film about the measurables and immeasurables in our lives, and how economic measurements and policies affect them.

Surprising study finds e-mail builds a stronger community  By Elaine Carey

The Global Renaissance Alliance http://www.renaissancealliance.org/GRA/index.html is a citizen-based, international network of spiritual activists called to take a stand in our local and national communities for the role of spiritual principle in solving the problems of the world.

The Rocky Mountain Institute provides guidance for communities that want to be economically and ecologically more sustainable.

Several quotes added to the Co-Intelligence Quotes page.


August 25

Tree Bressen's article Dynamic Facilitation for Group Transformation has been moved to its own page. The main dynamic facilitation page now features a totally new description of dynamic facilitation, linked to a number of new articles:

The Metaphor Project has a number of revisions, including