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May-June 1999 "What's New" Archive


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June 28


Added the following to the Holding Tank

Up is not always up by Tom Atlee
What About the Official Federal Y2K Community Conversations? by Tom Atlee and others (replaced former Community Conversations page)
Ed Yourdon's "Sayonara" Gives Me Pause by Tom Atlee (and, of course, Ed Yourdon)
New Y2K community resources (LOTS OF THEM)
Death and Rebirth: Explaining the Dynamics of 1999 by Robert Theobald
Answering "Y2K will only be a speedbump" by Tom Atlee and Rebecca Kaplan
Seven Chaos Lessons for Y2K
Y2K Health Issues and Vulnerable Populations
Community Food Security for Y2K by Tom Osher
The Dynamics of Y2K Doubt by Tom Atlee (includes Y2K expert survey data)
Are We Supposed to be Partying? by Tom Atlee and others
Further Y2K Shiftings as the Hill Becomes Steeper by Tom Atlee and others
Y2K as a "birth"

Added the following to the Y2K Toxics/Nukes page:
Nuclear trade group reports no serious problems
Y2K and California's Hazardous Materials
Diablo Canyon: Nuclear Power and Y2K
Union of Concerned Scientists on Y2K and Nukes

Mini-review of Into the Forest by Jean Heglund - an excellent almost-Y2K novel.

Yoga Journal, July-August 1999, has a 4,000-word feature "ALL
TOGETHER NOW - Across the country, communities are finding
a surprising upside to the Y2K coundtown" by Gary Gach
<>. Included is a sidebar of publications, URLs, etc.

What we're trying to do by Vicki Robin

Y2K-related poetry:
Y2K Minutes by Nadine MacDonald
Losing Balance Gaining by Gretel Ehrlich
From "The Cure at Troy" by Seamus Heaney
from "To Those Born Later" by Bertolt Brecht
The Same Boat by G.K. Chesterton and Betsy Rose
When we reach our limits by Joeh Shea


May 31


Updated Y2K Web Links with links to two handy sites:

Want to know if your electronic equipment is Y2K compliant? Brand new web site supposedly surveyed over 1000 companies, asking for reports on their product lines:

The US Government's General Services Agency (GSA) now has community Y2K site: "This site serves to help the public evaluate their Year 2000 (Y2K) readiness. The potential for Y2K computer related disruptions to our daily lives is unknown. However, the possibility of future Y2K related service disruptions make personal and community planning important in order to minimize any impact of the Y2K problem."

New article, The Winding Road of Y2K Community Preparedness Work: An Update, by Oakland 2001's Rebecca Kaplan


May 27


New article, More Y2K Senate Testimony: Kerry Brock, Director of Broadcasting, Media Studies Center

Updated Y2K Web Links with information about the nation's first Y2K grassroots community preparedness survey.


May 26


There's a new page on Community, done for the co-intelligence section of the site, that can be used by community Y2K workers, too. Among the new resources listed are some newly-listed books -- including a great on-line one -- The Basketmaker: Helping People Create Communities of Opportunity, ed. by Michael Patterson, et. al.-- sent to us by the lead editor. A pretty amazing document. Also a new link to The Healthy Cities/Communities movement.

The toolbox of processes for Y2K community work has had a number of revisions, including the addition of a reference on facilitation.

Updated Join The Y2K Practice Day! with info. on how to participate.

Added new articles:

Ready for Chaos or Community?
Official 60 Minutes Transcript, from their May 23, 1999 segment on Y2K
Y2K Community Conversations, with a link to Community Conversation Listserv
Darker Than You Think: Comments on The Senate Report on Y2K

Updated Tom Atlee testimony before the California State Senate with excerpts from his response to Senator Vasconcellos.


May 25


Added link to Don't Chase the Y2K Red Herrings (Westergaard's Year 2000 page)

Added new article: Fishbowl, an excellent exercise to facilitate discussion

And two fascinating articles about how to put "waste" to good use:

Composting Water Heater
History of Sewers 101

or how to use the sun to cook:

Heaven's Flame Capsule Review

An excellent analysis of the second cold war -- very sobering: The Nuclear Dimension of the Balkan War

Updated Chemical Safety and Y2K page with new info. from Jerry Poje, as well as Y2K Risk Maps Now Online

Updated Resources for small businesses and Y2K Resources for Local Government pages with a link to ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook



May 20


Updated Y2K Events, Conferences, etc. with May and June events.

Added to the Holding Tank:

Ted Turner: Nuclear War in Future

Y2K and Nuclear Issues

Will Y2K and Chemicals Be a Volatile Mix?

Community Preparedness: Y2K Insurance/Wise Investment

Catalyst 2000: Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

News Update on Community Currency Website


Debate: The Economic Impact of Y2K

Response from an NGO Techie on Y2K


May 19

Added to the Holding Tank:

Y2K Lessons for Menders from the Great Depression

ASK MARILYN By Marilyn vos Savant

Letter to US Senate Y2K Committee

The Ultimate Hustle

Impressions Management 101

US Gives $1.5 Billion To Russia For Y2K Fixes

Update to Chemical Safety and Y2K

The Bean Theory

Invitation to Join Y2K Youth Action Network

Affordable Energy Alternatives for the Year 2000...and Beyond

Neighborhoods and Y2K: The Toughest Connection


May 18

Added Official Y2K-CPP Trifold with the ability to dowload the .pdf (Adobe Acrobat file) to the Holding Tank.


May 10

Updated Y2K Toxics/Nukes page with:

1/3 of US Nukes Won't Be Ready by Summer Deadline
French Nuke Plants Could Be Jeopardized By Y2K Bug
The Millennium Bug and Nuclear Safety

Added new articles: Monsanto's Genetically Modified Seeds Threaten World Food Production and Farmers Markets Threatened.


May 10

Added a recommendation to the Study Circles Resource Center's "Building Strong Neighborhoods" Guide.

Learn how to build healthy soil by composting human waste with informational links from The World of Composting Toilets. Although it may seem a bit odd at first, all human waste can be safely composted to create healthy soil in which to grow food. There exists a good amount of literature on the subject.


May 10

Updated The Case for Non-violent Responses to Y2K Disruptions with Tom Atlee's response to a concerned parent.

Posted Tom's upcoming BREAD Rising article, Will We Use Y2K and Local Currency to Find Our Way Back to Each Other?


May 8

Added a new page What you can do about Y2K as a senior, or person with a disability.

Three articles on the Columbine High School Slaughters

A fascinating critique of Mark Hathaway's "translation" of the Lord's Prayer

Tom modified his rave about The Hippy Survival Guide to Y2K by Mike Oehler


May 7

The Vegetarian Approach to Food Shortages Associated with Y2K

The Case for Non-violent Responses to Y2K Disruptions

Grassroots and Governments Collaborate to Prepare Their Communities for Y2K, an article by Tom Atlee and Rosa Zubizaretta