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June 25. 2000

Is "debate" or "conversation" the most useful form of public discourse? by Alan Stewart

Working at the level of community awareness - Some lessons from Arny Mindell

Notes on collaboration by Michael Schrage

Links for Search for Common Ground, The Public Conversation Project, and consensus organizing


May 15

The Metaphor Project, which creates positive, compact new slogans or catch phrases to carry sustainability ideas into the mainstream.

The email address for Manitonquat (Medicine Story), the Native American elder who does the co-intelligent prison work detailed on this site.

Notification of a revised and more available version of Paul Krafel's classic Shifting -- Seeing Nature: Deliberate encounters with the visible world (Chelsea Green, 1999) -- which is available from bookstores or from http://www.krafel.net . Engaging examples of nature dancing entropy into life, and how we humans can join that dance.

The "Revitalizing Democracy" Project - The central focus for the CII in the year 2000

Community Co-Intelligence - A new page of co-intelligence-related material that is specifically useful to those trying to organize communities or build local co-intelligence capacity. It includes much that has always existed on the site (including some still-relevant Y2K-related materials revised for the post-Y2K era), all newly compiled in one place. Among the totally new materials are:


Mar 22

Danish citizen technology panels

Co-Intelligence and Issue Activism

Dynamic Facilitation and Group Transformation by Tree Bressen - The best writeup yet on Jim Rough's wisdom council process.

All may not be what it appears to be in the "underdeveloped happiness kingdom" of Bhutan

The Challenge of Technology in a Democracy provides a series of articles about how democracy can sustain itself when most of the challenges it faces are too technical for the citizens (or even their representatives) to understand including Societal intelligence faces technological issues, Are we awake yet?: Science, economics and democracy and Doug Carmichael and Jan Wyllie on Democracy and Technology.


Mar 3

Leading Activists ask if Corporations are Organisms - an online conference Mar 3-20, 2000 - an announcement and commentary on activism by Tom Atlee. Some very thought-provoking articles are included in the founding documents of this conference!

Minor revisions to the Tom Atlee biography and the link fixed on The Beginning of a Global Movement by Adriene Sere - A brief, cogent view of the WTO protests from a feminist perspective.

Article about William Ury's new book GETTING TO PEACE

RE-IGNITING THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA: A SUMMIT ON VALUES, SPIRITUALITY AND GOVERNANCE, April 27-30, 2000,Georgetown University Conference Center, Washington, D.C

Creative Y2K Post-Rollover Initiatives


Feb 20

Minor revisions to The WTO: Inside, Outside, All Around The World by Paul Hawken

Additions and revisions to Tree Bessen's Consensus Books and Resources.

A fascinating quote about Pueblo Indian silence, added to the Group Silence page.

Resources added to the Nonviolence page.

The "Underdeveloped" Happiness Kingdom - a brief report on the kingdom of Bhutan.

A new page on Creativity with great creativity resources, and a new page on Personality typing -- as well as links to the Center for Group Learning's descriptions of T-groups and Tavistock process.

A review of Roger Fisher's books on conflict, negotiation and collaboration, by Rowan Smith

Y2K stuff