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Feb-Apr 1999 "What's New" Archive


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April 29

A Lloyd Ferris Y2K Song

Strategizing for Community: Preparedness for Y2K-induced collapse

A link to Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

Gordon's Y2K Sifter - one person's intelligent attempt to pick the best pieces of info about whether Y2K is a problem and how to prepare

Fairy Tales and Magical Thinking Mask Truth About Food in Y2K

Updated Y2K Media Issues with FACS Journalism Conference: Reporting the Y2K Story, May 3, 1999 - San Jose, CA


April 27


VERY IMPORTANT: A new section of the site has been created from our files to share the co-intelligence vision of political life and governance. It is called "Co-Intelligence, Democracy and Holistic Politics" or simply The CIPolitics Home Page. We will be adding to it during the coming months. This new section is particularly relevant as we seek to understand "Why is Y2K happening to us and what can we do about that?" -- and so it is a companion page to The co-intelligence dimension of Y2K. The new page lists and summarizes the articles below and tells you how long each one is. (articles are by Tom Atlee unless otherwise specified)


Co-Intelligence in Politics, Social Change and Cultural Evolution

Holistic Approaches to Politics and Social Change


Let's Use Y2K as a Doorway to Resilience and Renewal by Tom Atlee, taken from Just in Case: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Y2K Crisis, Edited by Michael Brownlee, Barbara Stahura and Robert Yehling.


April 26

On the Y2K-Breakthrough Materials page, you'll find reviews of two new books The Hippy Survival Guide to Y2K by Mike Oehler and Y2K: You Can Burn This Book by Thomas F. Potter.

At Y2K Web Links, you'll find new refernces to Netscape's official Y2K page, the Simple Living Network, and the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

A page has been started for adolescents and young adults interested in Y2K and transformation.

The link to Re-evaluation Co-counselling on the Co-counselling page is now working.

Reorganized Y2K Food Situation & Recommendations for easier reference, and added new links:

Plan to Make Cities Food Independent
New Y2K and Your Food Booklet says Eat Healthier Closer to Home
Ottawa: The Food Supply Chain and the Year 2000 Problem
A Grocer Speaks Out
Farmers Face Threat from New Pest -- Y2K bug
Food Storage Bill in State of Maine
IMPORTANT: Help Kill Terminator

April 19


The Y2K Toxics/Nukes page has been updated:

The Nerve Gas Next Door
Y2K and Chemical Safety Report
Y2K Threatens Chemical Plants
Y2K and Nuclear Weapons Fact Sheet


April 17

Safe or Sorry: The "Y2K Problem" and Nuclear Weapons, by Michael Kraig, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March/April, 1999
British American Security Information Council (BASIC) Website
Revised closing to What I most want to communicate about Y2K


April 16

What I most want to communicate about Y2K

April 12

The Y2K Toxics/Nukes page has been updated:

Y2K and Environmentalism
The Year 2000 Problem: An Environmental Impact Report
What are we doing with nuclear weapons in the Year 2000?

The The Corporate Charter Revocation Movement has been updated with a link to Corporate Watch: The Watchdog on the Web.

Holding Tank updated:

The Y2K Glitch: An Insider's View


April 8

Holding Tank updated:

Y2K Attitudes and Patterns
U.S. Government "Community Guide to Y2K"
Chemical Safety and Y2K
Japan is Using Local Currency
A Visionary's Guide to Surviving Y2K

April 7

Salem/Keizer/Marion County Emergency Preparedness Fair, April 10 - Oregon State Fairgrounds.

Holding Tank updated:

Short Arms: It's All In Your Perspective
Small Business Y2K Readiness Act - Press Release

A Global Warning on Y2K
Will Y2K Turn the Lights Off?
Report on Portable Generators
Five Interesting New Y2K Resources
Sebastopol Y2K Efforts
Y2K Workshop Video Available
Interested in a Field Medicine Workshop?
Important Y2K Dates
Y2K Media Spin
Helpful Site to Verify Compliance
Teleplay, with Y2K Connections
Worst Case Scenarios

April 6

Processes for dealing with Y2K emotions/viewpoints: Dynamic Dialogue (Y2K Roles), Y2K Open Sentences Practice, Y2K Widening Circles Exercise, and Fear and Empowerment Work

A toolbox of co-intelligent processes for Y2K community work
The Y2K-Breakthrough Holding Tank has been re-instated to bring you articles and info more quickly. Today's holding tank contains:

Federal Government Numbers on Mission Critical Systems Drops Sharply
52 Questions About the 92%
Bill Dale on Numbers Schmumbers
Thoughts from Meg Wheatley Events
Improving Local Currency
Database of Local and National Initiatives
Ten Reasons to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Y2K: PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Small Business Year 2000 Readiness Act
Ready Y2K: Cross Link Sites?
STATE-Y2K: Notes from Florida re: Water and Wastewater Industry
Toxic "Dischargers":Risk to Our Waters
Marianne Williamson on Y2K

April 2

A good Y2K video for Trekkies?
Three new books on Y2K, including a preparedness book with cartoons, a grassroots Y2K guide that tells you how to create local currency and how non-profits can get prepared, and a new authoritative intro to the issue with a full cast of characters from Bennett and Yourdon to Wheatley and Atlee.
More information on World Cafe, including questions to discuss
Three Y2K-juice poems sent to me by Margaret Wheatley

April 1

A review of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion's Federal Y2K Information Center, a new toll-free Y2K information line (1-888-USA-4-Y2K) that provides consumers information about the Year 2000 (Y2K) computer problem.

March 29

Doug Mosel's A Guide for Y2K Study Circles: You can use this as a resource to bring focus to the maze of information about Y2K.   Use the study circle process to help you think and feel with others about what the the year 2000 problem means to you.  You will find here inspiration and ideas for building neighborhoods and communities that not only prepared for y2k, but more sustainable and better places to live. This guide is an offering to support the creation of ways of living with our world that will ensure a future for humans and all our relations. The Year 2000 Problem: An Opportunity to Build Sustainable Community A Guide for Y2K Study Circles

March 26

Computer Currents Magazine Feb. 23, '99 Bay Area Edition: The Year 2000 Revisited
Has the Y2K bug bit your PC? Find out with tools that analyze, report, and sometimes fix this date dilemma.

March 15

April 8th Resilient Communities Live Satellite Conversation
Examples of useful Y2K community news articles: The LA Times on Gov't helping communities organize and Tech Week on Community Y2K action
Senator John Vasconcellos' Y2K Plan for California
The need for "Y2K Movement" Media by Tom Atlee
Y2K-Breakthrough Materials - a page for magazines, booklets, tapes, games, charts, etc., which have a community and/or transformational focus.
Is the Coff's Harbor Y2K incident real?
A report on the 2/23 NYC Y2K seminar for journalists

Media Y2K Websites:
The American News Service (ANS) has a Y2K Bureau focusing on grassroots Y2K work in communities.
Foundation for American Communications (FACS) has a website for journalists working on Y2K.

New Dimensions Radio Interview with Tom Atlee and Jay Earley
Various times during the week of April 5-11, 1999, on stations nationwide
Check your local public radio or Pacifica station for your local schedule.

March 13

Y2K, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power (several fact-filled articles)
Y2K Questions for Politicans and Government Officials (revised March 1999)
Y2K is a Door that Looks Like a Wall by Tom Atlee
The Year 2000 Problem Gives us a Chance: A Y2K-Breakthrough Credo by Tom Atlee

Y2K Community provides tools, articles and links for Y2K community-builders worldwide. Includes a group process page the Co-Intelligence Institute is helping build. A unique site.

We've also added and revised our links list of featured Y2K Community Groups' sites.

On a number of general Y2K pages I've added some version of the following paragraph at the top:
Important Note: The Y2K scene is constantly changing. I have chosen to focus on finding and creating materials to help people use Y2K for personal and social transformation. I have found that trying to keep general Y2K pages like this one updated takes a tremendous amount of time. Since there are dozens of sites that do that job better than I ever could, I've decided to refer you to them and to spend my time on what I do best -- collecting materials on transformation. Good sites to keep up with current genral Y2K information include: Wild2K, Douglass Carmichael's site (see especially his archived weekly newsletter), the Napa Valley, CA community group's site, Alan Lewis' Y2K Pages: Y2-KO or Y2-OK?, Larry Sanger's Daily links to and intelligent summaries of 6-10 top news stories about Y2K, Westergaard, Peter de Jager's site and the comprehensive news source Y2Ktoday. I wish you good luck in your explorations. -- Tom Atlee

March 3

Tom Atlee testimony before the California State Senate
US Senate Y2K Report 3/2/1999
US EPA Feb 1999 Y2K chemical emergency alert TEXT version

March 1

The EPA has finally caught on and issued a Feb 1999 alert about the danger of toxic releases.
A new Y2K web site for kids, kid's page.

February 22

A Plea to Journalists by Larry Sanger
How the media can make or break our society's encounter with Y2K by Tom Atlee

February 18

Y2K Connections ® is a community-building game. Players learn to stretch their understanding,
embrace different points of view, and strategize from a foundation of personal flexibility and
resourcefulness. Players who tested it in cities around the world were "astounded to find how quickly doubters became interested in helping to find solutions."

February 17

Against the Grain: Rachel's on the colonization of food
Thank You PG&E - a song by Nancy Schimmel

From Ideology to Dialogue: The Left and Y2K by Kenoli Oleari

May The Truth Be With You -- Selective Disclosures And Missed Opportunities May Have Fostered Unrealistic Expectations About Solving Year 2000 Problems by Leon A. Kappelman

Reporting the Y2K Story: A seminar for working journalists - February 23, 1999 - New York City

Coalition 2000 Preparedness Plan Review/Link

The Y2K Nightmare by Robert Sam Anson. The best short history of Y2K that we've seen, published in the January 1999 Vanity Fair. Anson tells how major efforts to establish 4-digit-year standards almost 30 years ago were scuttled by the Department of Defense who, with the most computers, would have had to pay more than anyone else to upgrade their code. This is not a matter for blame; it is a problem with the system. This history should give us pause. How many catastrophes do we have to create before we realize that short-term bottom-line thinking cannot sustain us? (If the link at the beginning of this paragraph doesn't work, try this.)

February 15

The Year 2000 Fact Sheet compiled by Kay Hagan and Cathy Hope - the best one-page summary I've found so far (other nominees welcomed!)
The Y-to-K Solution (humor)
New Yorkers speak out on Y2K media coverage by Paul Eisenberg
Also some quotes added to the media page.


February 13

The Wisdom Council Process (and links) by Jim Rough
Two Y2K Organizers Say Goodbye
Revolutionary Technology Trumps Y2K (humor)
Getting the Neighborhood Together by Diana Morley
New Dimensions Radio Interview of Tom Atlee and Jay Earley - April 5-11, 1999
Media: Missing the story that's in front of your eyes by David Floyd

February 11

Letters to the SF Chronicle about their article on Feb Y2K conference
Additions to Tom Osher's page, including a pedalbus idea, the articles "SOLICITING LO-TECH, HOME-MADE STYLE IDEAS FOR SELF-SUSTAINABILITY" and "LETS TAKE THE NEXT STEPS ALL TOGETHER NOW" and a link to his site-in-development.
SF Bay Area Y2K psychological and spiritual meetings and workshops

Many websites added to CII Books and Publications list

February 10

What you can do about Y2K if you are a parent, teacher, or other person who works with kids


February 9

Grocery Scanners Go Down
No February BAY2K meetings
Y2K Street Volunteers


February 4

Y2K bug could be a disaster that builds community feeling by Eric Sorensen


February 1

"Hayboxes and Other Energy Efficient Cooking Methods"
TIME has a two-page article on Monsanto's "Terminator" technology
And now we find terminator is only the beginning
The Y2K Soiree
Addition to Important Articles -- a list of some major categories of articles on the site
Additional subsection of the environmental page: Y2K-relevant Sustainable Technologies