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Jan 21, 2000

Added a number of articles to the Co-intelligence thoughts on Seattle WTO demonstrations page, including

Paula Gordon's January 2000 Y2K Comments suggest we should stay alert.

Corrected link to Redefining Progress

An interesting study of interconnectedness on http://www.cope.co.za/Intercon/Inter1.htm.

Resources added to the nonviolence page.

Ways to make a Community Stronger, Wiser, More Resilient and Engaged - an outline for a course offering 26 approaches to making a better community.


Jan 16, 2000

Two classic consensus books -- Avery, Michel, et al. (1981) A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making: Building United Judgment - and Auvine, Brian, et al. (1978) A Manual for Group Facilitators -- can now be ordered online at http://consensusbooks.ic.org.

Added to the Dialogue page: One of David Bohm's classic descriptions of dialogue, plus the books

Added to the Quality of Life Indicators page a link to the organization Redefining Progress


Jan 14, 2000

Minor revisions to The WTO: Inside, Outside, All Around The World by Paul Hawken

Some Strategic Lessons from "The Battle of Seattle" by John De Graaf points out the advantages of trying to get clear demands met before doing nonviolent direct action.

A place to share "Y2K Afterthoughts"

Cynthia Beal's "Change of visible pace"

Initiatives to continue Y2K community work post-Y2K are described in Is there a phoenix rising from these ashes?

Up is not always up by Tom Atlee was posted out of the Holding Tank and linked to Quality of Life Indicators


Jan 10, 2000

Revised the Co-Intelligence homepage to reflect post-rollover re-focus on revitalizing democracy.

Revised the Y2K homepage to update it for post-rollover realities, particularly:

Some current views: As of January 10, 2000, there still aren't any major Y2K disruptions visible yet. A lot of us in the "Y2K movement" are doing some serious thinking about what this means. In particular, I refer you to:

Year 2000 Glitch Tracking sites

Randy Schutt's approach to consensus process

Added a number of articles to the Co-intelligence thoughts on Seattle WTO demonstrations page, including

Scores of Well Wishes for Robert Theobald, who died November 27, 1999.