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Co-Intelligence and Spirituality


Wholeness and co-creativity feel central to a co-intelligent perspective on spirituality.*

The co-creative dynamic of the universe informs all the activities of spirit in the world. It generates a tremendous amount of intelligence, wisdom and aliveness that we can tap into.

Furthermore, we all share a common center of spirit and aliveness where we can and do resonate with each other and with all life.

We live in a deeply participatory universe which wants our partnership. It joins its creativity with ours, and weds our creativity to the creativity of our fellows, to the creativity of life around us, and even to the creativity of the Earth and stars.

These spiritual realities have profound implications for ethics, group process, activism and democracy. These topics are explored in the following articles.


The Tao of Co-Intelligence

Joining the universal dance

Universal intelligence

Holistic Intelligence


Grace and the Great Turning by Joanna Macy

Co-incarnational Manifestation a review of David Spangler's spirituality

Resonant Intelligence and the Core Commons


Some places where Spirit and Activism meet

Politics for a co-creative world

Empowered Dialogue Can Bring Wisdom to Democracy

Another version of the Lord's Prayer

Group Awareness Exercises



See also

Morality and Ethics



* It should be noted here that there are other valid perspectives on (and dimensions of) co-intelligent spirituality and nothing mentioned here is unique to co-intelligent spirituality.


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